Lose Weight without 
being on a diet



Fire Your Diet!

Fire Your Diet!

Learn To Invite God Into The Journey And Take Back The Control That Food Has Over You...
In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less!

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Our weight loss strategies are responsible for more than 500 women losing weight without dieting, and they work for women no matter what has caused their weight gain.

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Learn To Lose Weight Without Being On A Diet!

Invite God Into The Journey And Take Back The Control That 
Food Has Over You...
in 30 Minutes a Day or Less!

Food Freedom


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The fire your diet! masterclass starts November 22nd

The Fire Your Diet! Masterclass Schedule

Note: The lessons listed above are just the start - we'll have action guide downloads, case studies from real people, Q&A sessions, a private FB group with our team answering your questions... and more. But all this is only available for a short time (it comes down on Nov 29th)... so be sure to check it out now before it all comes down.

7 Reasons To Join Our LIVE Masterclass!

7 Reasons To Join Our LIVE Masterclass!

  • This Fire Your Diet! Masterclass is LIVE, meaning you will get exclusive access to Ruth and Kayce! 
  • We're giving away 3 days of free, LIVE, in-depth training on how to lose weight without being on a diet (lots of women have lost weight using just our free training!)
  • We'll be teaching you our number 1 strategy that is responsible for over 500 women losing weight from all different types of weight gain (menopause, post-pregnancy, stress-eating...)
  • We make sure our plan and teaching is Christ-focus (Jesus invites us to treat our bodies like a temple... not a trash can!)
  • You'll get FREE PDF Downloads, resources, and case studies to help you on your weight loss journey
  • You'll have access to our private Food Freedom Warriors Facebook Group where you can connect with the community and talk to our team!
  • Did we mention that there's absolutely no charge? Just click the button and enter your information - there's no credit card required to join

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The Fire Your Diet! Masterclass Starts November 22nd...
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